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Innovative & Advanced Solutions

  Some of the Engineering Solutions offered by us :
  • Heat Exchangers :  Manufacturing, installing and commissioning  , we also undertake reconditioning and repair of heat exchangers
  • Engineered Epoxy Systems for industrial applications , Chock fast Foundation Systems for rotating equipment
  • Pumping Solutions : Supply & Installation of Pumps for different Applications in Industries such as Mining, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals and sectors such as Sewage, Water treatment, Power generation, Marine and Steel.
  • Hydro API Pumps De watering & Land draining pumps, diesel engine driven, mounted on a trolley, up to 1500 M3/Hr. SAER Brand of Pumps, a solution / equivalent to well known pumps in the market like Grundfos , etc.
  • Soda Blasting Equipment & Services Soda blasting is a process where the surface can be etched, rust is removed or coatings cleared
  • Special Metals : Range of Stainless Steel products in the sheet, rod, tube form; 304, 316, 904, Monel, Inconel, Titanium, Hastalloy C, etc
  • Pumping Solutions: Our pumping solutions include complete overhaul, reconditioning, redesign, up-grades, retrofits, reverse, engineering, etc
  • Diesel Engine solution : We overhaul large Slow Speed Diesel Engines with the most updated expertise. We relocate and install new/old equipment with installation & commissioning
  • Boiler automation, engine remote control, engine alarm systems, engine safety systems, fire alarm system
  • Turbine Solutions : Reverse engineering, Failure analysis, Vibration analysis, Trouble shooting, Corrosion analysis, Material Analysis laboratory, Detailed inspection, Performance measurement, Stress calculation (Our collaboration: Stork Turbo Services)
  • Gear Box Repair or Manufacturing : We are able to Replicate parts of all gear manufacturers., Design & manufacture all types of high quality gears up to 1600 mm.,High speed gears up to class R., Laser cladding, Reverse engineering, Range of geared motors
  • Corrosion control Special coatings for difficult environments.Complete turnkey projects with inspection, surface preparation, airless spray painting, soda blasting, biodegradable (Eco friendly).
  • Sealing Devices & Solutions: Design, estimation & installation of new expansion joints, Recondition existing ones at site Install & commissioning new Mechanical Seals, Refurbish old seals, Manufacture new seal faces, Upgrade existing seal material, Retrofit existing seals and upgrade
  • For many more customized us