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Proven & Dedicated Services

  DESERTFOX provides services to customers whenever and wherever required.
  • Complete Turnkey Projects Involving Plant & Equipment maintenance and repairs.

  • Repair, Overhaul and Maintenance

  • Plant Modifications, upgrades and new plant development

       Our engineered improvements allow you to operate your plants longer between major overhauls, without increasing           operational risk or alternatively increasing the output while maintaining scheduled outage intervals.

  • Outage Services

       Desertfox could be your complete outage service provider with the ability to order and expedite parts for outages               as well as complete manpower needs

  • Typical Industrial Plant and Equipment Refurbishment Project

       Desertfox can manage your complete project from basic equipment Inspections to new plant development                           construction and operation

  • Design & Manufacture of Multiple Components on a Mass Scale

       CNC Machining facilities

  • Project Management & Training

       Training of staff to operate the plant efficiently and effectively, while achieving maximum financial returns. Our                     unique training approach includes both practical and theoretical training courses, tailored to suit your requirement.

  • Specialist Services

       Marine Reconditioning, Servicing, Spare parts

  • New and Refurbished Component

       DESERTFOX understand the importance of keeping your various equipment running efficiently and effectively.  Our           field service crews can help you make it happen.

  • EPC Service

      DESERTFOX has the personnel and relationships with engineering and maintenance related firms in order to provide        the high level of confidence needed for an EPC Project

  • Diesel Engine Services

       DESERTFOX overhaul large Slow Speed Diesel Engines with the most updated expertise. We relocate and install             new/old equipment with installation &  commissioning Recondition, Overhaul & Calibrate Equipment / Components,           Turbochargers, Fuel injection pumps, Connecting  rods, Pistons, Cylinder heads, Valve cages, Main bearing                       housings, etc. (Our collaboration : Goltens Worldwide.)

  • Turbine Services

        Power Plant management & supervision (O & M), Project management, Engineering management, Outage                        management, Former OEM technical advisors, Control system specialists, Turbo machinery maintenance &                        overhaul, Power plant equipment relocation, Plant modifications, retrofit & upgrades, Supply of new & refurbished              components  Gas & Steam turbine blades for all major OEMs. Swirl flash for gas turbines, used turbines