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Range Of Products

  Diesel Engines  Pumps  Valves

Supply of new as well as refurbished engines and components such as Connecting Rods, Cylinder Heads, Turbochargers ,Governors, Fuel Pumps, etc.


 We undertake Supply & Installation of Pumps for different Applications in Industries  sectors such as Sewage, Water treatment, Power generation, Marine and Steel


Supply of all types of valves, pipes, flanges, gaskets, instruments & pipeline equipment. According to API, DIN, BS, ANSI & ASTM Specifications. Items assessed and approved


 Turbines  Generators  Compressors

New & reconditioned on a turnkey basis with installation & commiss- ioning Turbine spares  supply of new or refurbished component Turbo machinery maintenance & overhaul  Gas & Steam turbine blades for all major OEMs


All type of new Generators Overhaul of Generators and have the support of a Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant with testing facilities from O to 11 K.V. In-house dynamic balancing facilities up to 8 tons with  most  updated machining facilities


We offer new compressors of reputed brands or repair of many Types of compressors, Ionic liquid piston  Rotary screw . Rotary vane .Rolling piston. Scroll compressors. Diaphragm compressors. Air bubble compressor


Heat Exchangers Gears Mechanical Seals

Our heat transfer solutions can answer all types of industrial challenges Mica Heater bands Ceramic heater bands Tubular sheathed heaters Ceramic bobbin heaters Infra red/radiant heater Cartridge heaters Strip/plate heaters


All type of Gears, such as Spur, Helical, Bevel, etc. with supply of gear boxes We are able to duplicate parts of all gear manufacture Design & manufacture all types of high quality gears up to 1600 mm Monel, Inconel, Titanium, Hast alloy 


Mechanical Seals of all reputed brands; John Crane, Borg Warner, Sealol, Durametallic, Burgmann, Flow serve, Chesterton Gaskets for different applications O-Rings  Lip Seals Labyrinth seals